Pottery – Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that has a wonderfully rich culture. The country has a few flourishing cottage industries that provide livelihood to a number of people living in it. Using methods and techniques that have been handed down from generations, these wonderful cottage industries have added rich color to the lives of the locals.

Among the many cottage industries that the island is famous for, pottery industry is one that is quite prominent. It is believed that the pottery industry was established in the island since 1120 BC! Today the industry is a lucrative one for sure. The modern designs that are generally incorporated in to the pieces make them quite attractive. You will be able to find beautiful masterpieces that capture the true essence of the paradise island of Sri Lanka. For that you have to visit a few of the artisan pottery shops in the county.

Pottery - Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka

If you desire to enjoy a tour in a pottery village in Sri Lanka you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. The delightful tour will surely remain etched in your mind for many years. Because it will give you the chance to catch a glimpse of the beauty and charm of the rural villages. You will get the chance to see the masters in action and will even enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a delicious local meal with them!

Pottery - Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka


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