The paradise island of Sri Lanka was invaded by three different European nations in the past. The armies of the Portuguese were the first to arrive in Sri Lanka. The unsuspecting king of the island granted the Portuguese access to the country and the rest is history. They remained here 150 years, shaping and influencing the culture of the land in incredible ways.

Portuguese Heritage in Sri Lanka

The Portuguese invaded the country back in the year 1505. Their armies were driven out by the Dutch in the year 1658. During their regime a number of regal buildings and forts were constructed to strengthen the grip that the nation had in this precious little island. Indeed a large number of buildings which bear Dutch names were originally constructed by the Portuguese. The majestic Galle Dutch Fort is a great example of their architecture which was later fortified by Dutch.

Galle Fort

Many Sri Lankans converted embraced the teachings of Roman Catholicism during this period. A large percentage of the populations in the Portuguese strongholds have remained Roman Catholics throughout the centuries. To this day you will find many beautiful churches built by the them in coastal regions of the country.

Portuguese Heritage in Sri Lanka

As many people embraced the teachings of Christianity during the occupation of the Portuguese in the island, Portuguese names like De Souza, Fernando and Silva also became quite popular. You will find a large number of locals bearing these names even to this day.

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