Pidurutalagala Mountain is the tallest mountain in the island of Sri Lanka. With an elevation of 2524 metres, it presides regally in the region, dominating the landscape alluringly.

Pidurutalagala Mountain

‘Pidurutalagala’ means Straw Plateau Rock. The mountain used to have a patch of vegetation at its relatively flat summit. During the summer months, this patch used to turn yellow to acquire a straw-like appearance. Hence the name ‘Straw Plateau Rock’ was given to it.

Pidurutalagala Mountain Pidurutalagala Mountain

The Pidurutalagala mountain was an incredibly popular attraction during the colonial era. It is believed that the British used to frequent the area, lured by its incredible natural beauty. Even the British ladies were very fond of the mountain and they often opted to reach the zenith seated on an apparatus called a sedan chair. But of course the British could not pronounce the name ‘Pidurutalagala’ and so they decided to call it Mount Pedro.

Pidurutalagala Mountain Pidurutalagala Mountain

You can enjoy a delightful tour in the area when you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre. The mountain is not open for visitors throughout the year. Even when the visitors are allowed there are strict rules that have to be kept. You will not be able to do trekking in the mountain, as it is strictly prohibited. But the drive will truly be incredible! Getting out of the vehicle is prohibited in certain areas too. You may feel like this drive is quite limiting but don’t be disheartened as en route you will get the chance to see some incredible flora and fauna, most of which are endemic to the island. The view from the top of the mountain will take your very breath away too! Be sure to take your camera with you as you go on this tour. Carry extra batteries with you if you have any too.

Pidurutalagala Mountain Pidurutalagala Mountain Pidurutalagala Mountain


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