Pasikuda Beach

Pasikuda Beach

The enchanting Pasikuda Beach is one of the best places to visit in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. The incredible beauty of this glorious beach can take your very breath away. These white sandy shores that fringe lapis lazuli splendour of great Indian Ocean provide ample opportunities to rest and relax.  There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts, catering to the discerning needs of travelers who have started visiting this beach in their numbers. But Pasikuda is still very much a sleeping town, compared to the popular beach destinations in the southern and western coasts of the island.

Things to do in Pasikuda Beach

You will be able to enjoy a range of delightful water sports in this dazzling town. Snorkeling and scuba diving are incredibly popular activities in Pasikuda that you can definitely try out. Extreme water sports like wind surfing, kite boarding and water skiing can also be experienced here. Adrenaline junkies would surely find these exhilarating thrills incredibly addictive!

Pasikuda Beach The water sport centres in the area are very well equipped. So you will be able to enjoy these indulgences without a worry on your mind. Even absolute beginners get the chance to try out a variety of water sports in the stunning town of Pasikuda.

Pasikuda Beach

Pasikuda has one of the longest stretches of shallow reef coastlines in the world. This means you will be able to walk kilometres out in to the sea and still find the water reaching only your knees! So you can relax and soak up the sun while the refreshing waves of the great Indian Ocean gently caress you. Pasikuda is an immensely popular holiday destination among traveling families for this very reason.

Pasikuda Beach

If you are interested in visiting Pasikuda, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. The town is centrally located in the region. So you will be able to visit a number of popular attractions in the Eastern Province during your stay in Pasikuda.


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