Sri Lanka is a charming little island that boasts of a myriad of delightful appeals. There is so much to see and do in this country that time you spend here will truly be golden.

Nuga Gama

This little spice island has birthed some truly remarkable delicacies. As you travel in the country you will get the chance to taste and experience the goodness of Sri Lankan cuisine. One would think that to discover the heart of the culinary culture in Sri Lanka, a venture to the rural villages will have to be made. But food aficionados traveling in the commercial capital of Colombo, who seek the brilliancy of Sri Lankan cuisine will be delighted as they step in to the magnificent spaces of Nuga Gama.

Nuga Gama

Nuga Gama is the enchanting Sri Lankan restaurant of the iconic Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Located in close proximity to Galle Face Green and a number of commercial and business offices. Nuga Gama has established itself firmly in the culinary landscape of the city. If one wishes to appreciate the breadth and complexities of Sri Lankan cuisine right at the heart of the city, this is truly the place to go to.

Nuga Gama

Dine Sri Lankan Curries at Nuga Gama

Nuga Gama serves a delightful range of local dishes. Everything is prepared to perfection. So you will truly be able to enjoy your meal. A rich variety of Sri Lankan curries, which pair very well with rice, serves here. The desserts are delightful too! You will find local sweetmeats as well as staples such as curd and treacle of excellent quality at Nuga Gama.

Needless to say the charm of the ambience truly adds beauty to your dining experience. The pathway that leads to the restaurant charmingly lights with torches. There is a majestic banyan tree spreading its emerald hued arms above the beautiful outdoor spaces of the restaurant, lending shade and a soothing beauty to the scene.

You will have to make a reservation at Nuga Gama before you dine there. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need help with your reservations.


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