Negombo’s Sensational Food Culture


The stylish city of Negombo which is located just 15 minutes away from Bandaranaike International Airport. Its one of the most popular tourist destinations in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Dazzling golden beaches, magnificent luxury resorts and a stunning array of colonial era attractions enhance this city’s wonderful appeal by great degrees. One thing is for sure: a holiday experience in this enchanting region will never be dull!
When you step out of the comfort of your hotel room in Negombo and venture out in to the street, you will be amazed to see the number of stylish beach restaurants that are scattered alongside the winding roads of the city. Huddled around the chairs and tables of these idyllic eateries are tourists as well as locals, seemingly enjoying the casual, laid back atmosphere of the region.

Food Culture

There really is something for everyone in the glorious city of Negombo. Its comes to food and dining. If you are looking for cheap t, you will find perfect delight in the many simple but charming restaurants in the area. Those who are yearning to savor the tantalizing tastes of local seafood delicacies that the region is famous for, will find sublime delight in the fancy restaurants that are dispersed across the beach. Divine international cuisine is also served in the popular eateries in the city.


Black Coral Restaurant, Moya, Papou’s Restaurant and The Mid Galley Pub & Restaurant are best places in the city for those who are looking a refined epicurean adventure. Lords Restaurant, Edwin, Bacco Wine Bar Bistro as well as Prego are great options to consider if you are hungry for for moderately priced local and international fare. A quick, cheap bite can be grabbed at Retro Pub by Pledge3, Tharanga Restaurant and Toro Pub & Restaurant. You can visit the many leading restaurants in the city as you travel in the region with Green Holiday.

Negombo’s Sensational Food Culture
Don’t forget to sample the succulent seafood fare at the leading restaurants in the city. You will be able to relish a sensational culinary adventure when you visit the sunny city of Negombo for sure!


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