Negombo Beach: A Dazzling Shore of Surreal Splendor


The mesmerizing city of Negombo is indeed blessed with one of the best beaches in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Locals as well as tourists flock to the terrains of this majestic destination. Hoping to bask in the brilliant light of the sun while it ceaselessly caresses the powdery sands of the shores.

Negombo Beach: A Dazzling Shore of Surreal Splendor

Beach holiday

Beach holidays in Negombo will truly be quite special! There is a myriad of stunning luxury hotels and resorts lining the famed shores of the city. Providing unparalleled comfort and opulence to all, these stylish resorts are some of the best in the island. You will be treated to world class luxury and service when you stay at these majestic resorts. Make sure you book the rooms as soon as you possibly can because Negombo is a major tourist hotspot in the country.

Negombo Beach: A Dazzling Shore of Surreal Splendor
You will be able to treat yourself to an epic culinary adventure as you visit the many stylish beach restaurants in the city. Savor tantalizing local as well as international fare, cooked to perfection at these chic eateries. Do be bold and try out the fiery seafood dishes that the region is famous for and you will surely not regret it!
For the adrenaline junkies, Negombo offers a plethora of epic thrills! Jet skiing, banana boat rides, tube rides and kayaking are some of the most popular water sports in the region. You can enjoy a variety of these thrilling sports when you travel in the city with Green Holiday Centre.

Negombo Beach: A Dazzling Shore of Surreal Splendor

Negombo City

Negombo is a city that is blessed with an eternal summer! It is always gloriously warm in this enchanting paradise destination. But if you want to enjoy the best travel experience in the city, do consider scheduling the tour between the months of December and April. Rainy season starts in the region in the month of May and lasts until the end of August. It will be hard to explore the region’s appeals on foot during this period.


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