Namunukula Mountain is one of the most popular places in the island among hikers. It is the tallest mountain range in the Uva Province. It is also known to be the 12th tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. The mountain has a height of 2,035 meters. The nine peaks that adorn the top of the mountain range give it it’s unique name.

Namunukula Mountain

The best time to hike in Namunukula Mountain is during the dry season. You will have to come prepared in comfortable clothes and shoes as the hike can indeed be quite challenging! You will have to travel with a guide as the trek can be quite confusing for a beginner. Make sure you bring along water as well as you will not find clean sources of water in the trail.

Namunukula Mountain

Many hikers opt to camp at the peak of the Namunukula Mountain. There is an area which has very little grass at the zenith which is ideal for camping. Keep in mind that it can get rather cold at the top at night so bring along a lot of warm clothes! You will have to admire the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise and sunset when you are camping at the peak of the mountain so be sure to stay up to catch the magic of these golden moments.

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