Namal Uyana and The Pink Quartz Mountain

Namal Uyana

Namal Uyana is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. The gorgeous Na trees, which are also known as iron wood trees create a magnificent vista which will soothe your senses. The cooling shade that the beautiful branches of the trees create helps a number of different medicinal plants to thrive. You will feel like you have entered a refreshing heaven of beauty the moment you step in to the gorgeous territories of this stunning destination.

Namal Uyana

Na tree is known to be the national tree in Sri Lanka. It therefore holds quite a lot of prominence in the country. It is believed that back in the day, prisoners were used to plant the Na trees in this area. The collective efforts of the long forgotten prisoners created a magnificent attraction which today enthrals multitudes. Resting in the shade of the Namal Uyana are many beautiful bird species too. You will surely be greatly delighted with your tour here if you are an ardent bird lover.

Importance of The Namal Uyana

Namal Uyana or Jathika Namal Uyana, is known to be the largest ironwood forest in Asia. It also possesses the largest pink quartz mountain range in Asia! So you will be able to cover two top attractions at once when you visit this place. The spectacular beauty of the pink quartz mountain range will surely take your very breath away!

Namal Uyana

The site is located approximately 7km from Madathugama Junction of the Colombo-Anuradhapura highway. If you are interested in visiting this attraction, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. Be sure to read about all the attractions that you are planning to visit so you will be able to make your tours a lot more enchanting and special. You will be able to find all the information that you need with ease online.


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