The beautiful island of Sri Lanka has quite a number of charming attractions that you can visit. The island’s culture is quite remarkable. Throughout the centuries, Buddhism influenced the culture and traditions of the land. Buddhism continues to be the state religion in Sri Lanka. And the many incredible temples that you find in the island attract large numbers of devotees throughout the year.

Nagadveepa Viharaya

The Nagadveepa Viharaya which is located in the small island of Nagadveepa or Nainativ is one of the prominent sites of worship in the country. It is believed that an old stupa in the island received homage from pilgrims from the 1st century CE.

Nagadveepa Viharaya

What to see in Nagadveepa Viharaya

Nagadveepa Island is a beautiful place that deserves a visit for sure. On the left side of the main entrance to a temple in the island, you will find a stone inscription of King Parakramabahu I. In it, the King mentions that the foreigners who visit the temple should enter only through Uraturai (Kayts). The inscription also mentions that the foreigners should be helped if needed. These foreigners probably refer to the large number of Indians who used to visit the temple. On the right side of the entrance an ancient anchor, the kind that once used by Arab ships can found.

Nagadveepa Viharaya

Nagadveepa Viharaya is located about 500 meters away from this temple. The viharaya has built on the spot where Buddha had stayed during his visit to the small island. A bodhi tree and a silver plated stupa are to be found on either sides of the viharaya. In the complex, two temples are also located.

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