Must Try Dishes in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the most enchanting destinations in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Plenty of locals and tourists flock to this magical city’s territories throughout the year to enjoy all that the place has on offer. There are many stunning beach restaurants in the city that cater to the diverse palettes of these discerning travelers. The article below details some of the top dishes that you must not miss when travelling in Sri Lanka.

Kottu roti

Kotti roti is the quintessential street food in Sri Lanka! It is a simple dish that is immensely popular all over the country. The dish combines shredded godhamba roti with carrots, eggs, spices and a choice of meat such as chicken, mutton or beef. The flavorful dish is served with lashings of spicy gravy. The end result is a concoction of surreal taste!

Kottu Roti Sri Lanka

Prawn curry

When you are travelling in Sri Lanka, you must try out the prawn curry too! The perfect flavor of Sri Lanka is packed in this delectable dish. The freshest prawns are combined with a variety of local spices to create a taste that will leave you yearning for more!

Sri Lankan Food

Crab curry

Crab curry is yet another one of Sri Lanka favorite dishes! But do make sure you go prepared to eat a messy meal because crabs are rather hard to eat delicately! You will love the intense flavor of this exotic dish that perfectly encapsulates the character of Negombo. There are lots of leading restaurants in the region offering various versions of crab curry. If you need to know about the best restaurants in the city, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

Sri Lankan Food


The hopper is a breakfast favorite in Sri Lanka! You can get a variety of hoppers such as plain hoppers, egg hoppers and treacle hoppers. The crispy hopper is usually served with a spicy gravy as well as lunu miris. Be warned though, lunu miris can be rather spicy!

Sri Lankan Food

String hoppers

String hoppers are also immensely popular among the locals and tourists who visit the city. Served with gravy and a variety of sambols, this exquisite dish will complete your culinary adventure in the enchanting coast of Sri Lanka!


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