The Alluring Red Mosque in Pettah- A Masterpiece Created by an Amateur

Red mosque Colombo

Standing tall and proud while the bustling streets of Pettah create incessant chaos and disorder around it, is the iconic Red Mosque, a prominent site of worship as well as a popular tourist attraction in Colombo. This enchanting mosque, which is also called Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque, Rathu Palliya and Red Masjid, is an iconic landmark in the area.

In stark contrast to the dull buildings in this dreary concrete jungle, the Red Mosque sports vibrant stripes of red and white. Its imaginative exterior truly makes it hard to miss! In fact, many say that in the distant day, sailors used to look for this iconic mosque when approaching the port of Colombo.

Red mosque Colombo


The vibrant mosque has an equally vibrant story weaved about it too. It is said that an unqualified architect, by the name of Habibu Saibu Labbe was commissioned to build this mosque. He may have been unqualified for the job at that time, but he sure succeeded in making a sensational architectural monument that enthralls passersby to this day! The construction of the mosque took only a year too. The project was initiated in 1908 and it was completed in 1909. The initial mosque had the capacity to house 1,500 although only about 500 devotees attended prayers back then. Today, the mosque has been extensively refurbished and it can accommodate 10,000!

Red mosque Colombo

The mosque is a two storey building which has a prominent clock tower too. It resembles the Jamek Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The design of the mosque combines native Indo-Islamic and Indian architecture as well as Gothic revival and Neo-classical styles.

You will be able to have tours arranged to this sensational landmark with great ease while you are travelling with Green Holiday Centre. The Red Mosque of Pettah is truly a one of a kind building that you must not miss when travelling in the city of Colombo!


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