Sri Lanka caters to food lovers with zest! The amazing flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine are loved by both locals and tourists. Of course the country has some great restaurants serving delicacies of a number of different cuisines. Especially in the capital city of Colombo one will be able to experiment with a fusion of tastes and enjoy a remarkable food tour.

Moon River Chinese Restaurant

Sri Lankans have loved Chinese cuisine for many years. The capital city of Colombo is now home to a number of Chinese people as well. In order to cater to these palettes, several good Chinese restaurants have opened up in the city. Some of these restaurants boast of long years of success too. Moon River is one such legendary restaurant which effortlessly attracts a number of Chinese people as well as locals who love Chinese cuisine.

Moon River Chinese Restaurant

About Moon River Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Thimbirigasyaya, Colombo 05. The food that is served here is rooted in traditional Chinese cuisine. As it is frequented by large numbers of Chinese people it is quite easy to assume that the place serves incredible food. But in reality, the food is quite average. This is not to say the food is bad, but there really isn’t anything extraordinary. The prices are great here so that appeals to many. And food served at Moon River seem to cater well to palettes of those who look for authentic Chinese cuisine. Most of the Chinese food restaurants in the country serve unique renditions of Chinese delicacies which have been customized to suit local palettes.

Moon River Chinese Restaurant

The ambience of the restaurant is quite nice. It is heavily packed with chairs to accommodate large numbers of guests. The yellow wallpaper seems to make the place look bigger. There are traditional Chinese décor elements hung on the falls to enhance the appeal of the dining experience here.

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