Beautiful Sri Lanka is home to a large number of ancient castles, temples and stupas. Indeed, as you travel in this paradise island you will get the chance to witness the glory of its golden days, as reflected in its precious archaeological sites. A cultural and religious tour in Sri Lanka will surely give you plenty of opportunities to be awed by the majesty of this country’s unforgotten golden era.

Mirisawetiya Viharaya

Mirisawetiya Viharaya is one of the most venerated sites of worship you will find in Sri Lanka. Buddhists who live in the country flock to the territories of this majestic viharaya to pay homage to Lord Buddha. It is truly a marvelous site to behold, as it stands tall and proud against the magnificent skies.

Mirisawetiya Viharaya

Story of the Mirisawetiya Viharaya

The temple has quite an interesting story relating to its origins. King Dutugemunu, who great and glorious king who ruled in the island between 161 BC and 137 BC, defeated King Elara after a brutal war. After the war, he had taken a bath in the Tissa Wewa leaving his sceptre. The relics of Buddha had placed in this sceptre. After the bath he returned to the shores. He tried and failed to move the sceptre from the place where it kept. It is said that the beautiful Mirisawetiya Stupa stands on the spot where the sceptre was placed that day.

The beautiful Mirisawetiya Viharaya is one of the most important site. When you are traveling in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, you should visit this site. It is located in the city of Anuradhapura, which was the very first capital in Sri Lanka. You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to obtain more information about religious and cultural tours that you can enjoy in this glorious island.


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