Menik Ganga

Menik Ganga

Sri Lanka is an island that boasts of a large number of beautiful rivers and lakes. The precious soil of the country is enriched by the numerous waterways that glisten throughout its territories. The iconic Menik Ganga is one of the most famous rivers in Sri Lanka. Menik Ganga roughly translates to ‘River of Gems’ and this indeed is an appropriate name for the river. Precious gems are hidden beneath the murky river bed, waiting to be discovered.

Menik Ganga

The Route of The Menik Ganga

The river flows through the famous town of Kataragama too. The Kataragama Temple is a sacred pilgrimage site for Buddhists, Hindu’s, Muslims as well as the Veddah community of the country. A large number of devotees visiting temple opt to cleanse themselves before entering holy territories, by bathing in Menik Ganga.

The river flows through Yala National Park too. In fact the river reaches the sea at Yala National Park. This is the second largest and the most popular national park in the country. It has one of the highest leopard densities in the world. Many travelers who visit the national park prefer to camp in the park in order to increase the chances of spotting the leopards. There are plenty of great campsites located by the banks of the Menik Ganga which prove to be ideal for this purpose.

Menik Ganga wonderfully sustains the agriculture industry of Sri Lanka. The river is teeming with fish as well, but not many people fish in this river out of reverence to the Kataragama Temple.

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