Beautiful Sri Lanka is truly an island like no other! There are wonderful sites of appeal that you can visit when you are traveling in this island with your loved ones. Ancient cultural attractions, gorgeous beaches, misty hills and incredible national parks are all here for you to discover and fall in love with.

Medirigiriya Vatadage in Polonnaruwa

The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular destinations among both tourists as well as locals. Scattered within its territories are breathtaking architectural wonders that silently speak volumes about the majesty of the country’s golden history.

Medirigiriya Vatadage in Polonnaruwa

About The Medirigiriya Vatadage

The Medirigiriya Vatadage, is an incredibly popular cultural attraction that you can visit in the Cultural Triangle. It is located in the city of Polonnaruwa, which was the second ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka. Medirigiriya Vatadage is about 2000 years old. It still remains largely intact, testifying to the incredible talent of its unnamed creators.

Medirigiriya Vatadage in Polonnaruwa

Medirigiriya Vatadage used to house a full stupa back in the day. The vatadage’s are architectural monuments which are unique to Sri Lanka.

There are ancient records which mention this vatadage. The place clearly used to be a very important site of worship even during the Anuradhapura period, which preceded the Polonnaruwa period. It is believed that the stupa which is located at the very centre of the vatadage would have been built by King Aggabodhi I, who ruled in the island between 564 and 598 AD.

Medirigiriya Vatadage in Polonnaruwa

The vatadage was built on a beautiful rocky outcrop. The structure had only one entrance which faced north. Stone pillars forming three concentric rings surrounded the stupa. The outer ring had 32 pillars, the middle ring had 20 pillars and the inner ring had 16 pillars.

You can visit this incredible site with immense ease as you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre. Be sure to read about the places that you are planning to visit so you can make your tours a lot more interesting and insightful.


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