The beautiful island of Sri Lanka has a number of unique customs and traditions. They add color and beauty to the lives of the locals. Traditions that have shaped the lives of previous generations continue to influence the lives of present generations in remarkable ways.

Irrespective of the nationality and the race, everyone knows how incredibly serious the concept of marriage is. Indeed, no one should take this precious bond lightly! But alas, not many people who wed blissfully are rewarded with a ‘happily ever after’. Differences in personalities and other uncontrollable factors often result in the separation of couples.

Sri Lankan Weddings

Matching of the Horoscope of the Couple

In an attempt to reduce the risk of this heart breaking situation from occurring, many Sri Lankans opt to check the horoscope of the couple. A horoscope is very simply a forecast of a person’s future, drafted by an experienced astrologer. It is based on the position of the stars and planets at the time of the person’s birth. It is a scroll that is retained with the individual throughout his/ her life.

Matching of the Horoscope

When two people express their wishes to get married, the parents of the couple generally take the horoscopes to an astrologer to see if they match. If there are minor mismatches, the astrologer details a few things that can be done in order to take the situation under control. If on the other hand serious mismatches exist, the astrologer will advise the couple not to wed. Some couples even separate with heavy hearts when these harsh words are spoken.

When you travel in Sri Lanka with Green Holiday Centre you will be able to visit some traditional homes and spend times with the locals too. If you desire, you too will be able to have your horoscope made by a seasoned astrologer in the country! This will surely be a very exciting experience!

Matching of the Horoscope


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