Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China Restaurant

Sri Lankans love Chinese food for a number of reasons. The flavours, spices and the heat of Chinese cuisine appeal well to locals. To appease the appetites and cravings of locals who favour Chinese cuisine, incredible restaurants have opened up in many parts of the country. The commercial capital of Colombo has a great assortment of Chinese restaurant which satisfy even the most discerning customer.

Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China is one such incredible restaurant which offers delicious Chinese cuisine in a remarkable ambience. The restaurant is located in Flower Road so it can be accessed with great ease. The charming exterior of the restaurant makes it quite hard to miss as you travel on the road.

Mainland China Restaurant

About Mainland China

Mainland China has established itself as a fine dining restaurant so be prepared to pay a premium when dining here. Of course the quality of the food will rarely fail to delight you so you will get your money’s worth. The food tastes remarkable and you will truly discover the complexities and the rich character of Chinese cuisine as you dine here.

Mainland China Restaurant

The ambience of Mainland China Restaurant leaves nothing to be desired. It is adorned in beautiful Chinese décor elements and the soft, lulling music greatly enhances the appeal of the dining experience here.

The staff of Mainland China is very well trained too. They will bring your food to the table fairly fast. Most of the portions served here are sufficient for two so be wary when placing your order. You can always get help from the staff when ordering your food.

The dishes served here feature some traditional favourites such as dumplings and duck soups. There is also a good range of beverages to go with your meal.

It is best to make a reservation before you visit the restaurant as it can get rather crowded. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need help with your reservations.


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