Buddhism has greatly influenced Sri Lanka’s culture and heritage. There are many wonderful sites of worship that you find across the country. Some dating back to time of Buddha himself, which portray impact that his teachings had in this beautiful little country.

Mahiyangana Temple

The Mahiyangana Temple is one such majestic site of worship which attracts a steady number of devotees throughout the year. If you are embarking on a religious tour in Sri Lanka, you really should consider visiting this place.

Mahiyangana Temple

History The Mahiyangana Temple

The temple has a rich and colorful history. Locals said that Yakkas occupied the area back in the day. During this time, Lord Buddha visited the island for the very first time. This was in the ninth month after he attained Enlightenment. Lord Buddha preached to the yakkas who were living in the area. A yakka chieftain by the name of Saman attained Sotapanna after listening to the sermon of Lord Buddha. Saman is today revered as a deity in Sri Lanka. The Saman deity enshrined a handful of hair from the head of Buddha in a small stupa in this area. It is said that this stupa was the very first one to be built in Sri Lanka too.

After the parinirvana of Buddha, his larynx brought to the island of Sri Lanka by an Arahat named Sarabhu. This also enshrined in the stupa at Mahiyangana Temple. The stupa was, on several occasions, renovated by ancient kings.

Mahiyangana Temple, which also known as Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara is one of the 16 sacred religious sites in Sri Lanka. Pilgrims visit these sites throughout the year.

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