Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the enchanting Hill Country of Sri Lanka is a cascade of glistening splendour. Boasting of a height of 30 metres, this majestic waterfall is one that can effortlessly enthral all who set eyes upon it. The charming Lover’s Leap Waterfall in Nuwara Eliya, is indeed an attraction that well deserves a visit!

Lover’s Leap Waterfall

How the waterfall got it’s name.

The beautiful waterfall has a very interesting name too. As one might accurately guess, the site is linked to a tragedy. It is said that a long time ago a prince in the island was meandering in the area and lost his way. He was guided and directed by a beautiful damsel. Of course, the two fell deeply in love, but the prince’s parents were against their union. With nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, the poor couple decided to leap to their deaths and immortalize their love. There are plenty of villagers who still avoid travelling in the area at night, believing that the ghosts of the lost lovers still haunt in the area.

You will find the Lover’s Leap Waterfall approximately 3 kilometres away from the Nuwara Eliya town. There is a 250 metre trail that leads up to the waterfall. You can opt to travel this distance by tuk tuk. If you want an adventurous experience, you can take a hike to reach the waterfall. The hiking trail has a length of about 400 metres. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes if you intend to walk.

Lover’s Leap Waterfall

There is yet another beautiful waterfall located near Lover’s Leap Falls, which is named Galwala Falls. You will be able to capture sensational shots of both these waterfalls if you carry a good camera with you on the tour. Get more details about these enchanting attractions from Green Holiday Centre and plan a delightful tour.


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