Loon Tao in Mount Lavinia

Loon Tao

Colombo and its suburbs are home to an array of superb restaurants and eateries. There are options here to treat and delight even the most discerning customers. So you can always look forward to delightful dining experiences.

Loon Tao

Sri Lankans have loved Chinese cuisine for many long decades. The spices and the aroma, simply put the character of Chinese cuisine is quite familiar to Sri Lankans. Hence there are plenty of Chinese restaurants located in many parts of the country, offering delicacies which have been beautifully adapted to suit the local palette. Of course the food quality of some of these restaurants is quite questionable! But there are lots of great Chinese food restaurants in the country which leave guests yearning for more. Loon Tao which is located in the picturesque Mount Lavinia beach is one such legendary establishment which is synonymous with the remarkable tastes of Chinese cuisine.

Loon Tao

About Loon Tao

Loon Tao has established itself as a semi-fine dining restaurant in the country hence it attracts a fairly decent crowd. Reaching the restaurant can be a little tough for someone who is not very familiar with Mount Lavinia beach road. In order to reach the restaurant, you will have to park your vehicle in the car park which is dedicated to the customers of the restaurant, cross a railway road and then take a short walk on the beach. This strip is home to a number of restaurants but you will be able to find Loon Tao with ease.

Loon Tao

There are outdoor as well as indoor seating areas in the restaurant. Tables and chairs are set up on the golden beach in the outdoor area, beautifully enhancing the tropical vibe of the place. The wooden structure of the restaurant also serves to create a uniquely ‘beach-y’ atmosphere.

The menu features quite a lot of seafood options as one can expect from a beach restaurant in Sri Lanka. The quality of the food is great and you will find a perfect balance of flavours with each bite. The restaurant is not a new place, but it has succeeded in maintaining a great reputation throughout these years. 

If you want to make a reservation at this restaurant you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. Loon Tao is especially beautiful at night as a canopy of stars twinkle in the skies above and the salted sea breeze frolics playfully in the sands.


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