When you are travelling in the magnificent island of Sri Lanka, be sure to visit some of the delightful stores that sell gorgeous leather products. The exquisite workmanship of the items that these stores have will truly impress you. There is something for everyone in the many leather shops in the country. Of course if you are willing to splurge a little, you will be able to buy some delightful products at these unique stores!

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Sri Lanka’s leather export sector is a flourishing one too. Leather from this delightful little island is used by manufacturers of world renowned brands like Marks and Spencer, Clarks, Aerosols and Nike.

4 days tour in sri lanka


Leather Collection in Sri Lanka

Those who are looking for the high standards of quality should consider visiting Leather Collection in Sri Lanka. The main store of Leather Collection is located in Flower Road, Colombo. You will find products of Leather Collection at Cotton Collection outlets as well. Stunning leather handbags, shoes and accessories are manufactured under this beloved brand.

4 days tour in sri lanka

P. G. Martin is yet another brand that is immensely popular among lovers of all things leather. You will be able to buy a range of exquisite handbags, travel bags, backpacks, wallets, belts and accessories made from premium leather and faux leather at these stores. When you travel in the island with Green Holiday, you will be able to visit these delightful outlets with great ease.If you are looking for something a little more affordable, you will find delight when you go souvenir shopping in places like Negombo. The iconic 4 Seasons in Negombo is an establishment that you really shouldn’t miss when exploring the unique stores in the area. In addition to the vibrant knickknacks that occupy the shelves of this simple shop, you will also find beautiful leather products. A stunning array of bags can be found here, selling at remarkably low prices too.

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