Sri Lanka is a charming little island which offers a myriad of beautiful experiences. The country boasts of a rich and vibrant culture that has, throughout the centuries been nurtured by Buddhism. There are plenty of remarkable attractions that you can visit in Sri Lanka. If you are interested to learn more about religious architecture as well as the influence of Buddhism in the country.

Lankatilaka Viharaya

Lankatilaka Viharaya which is one of the most important sites of worship in Sri Lanka should certainly be included in your travel itinerary! It is located in a quiet town named Udunuwara  in the misty Hill Country of Sri Lanka. You will be able to find the temple with ease. As it is located just a few kilometers away from Pilimatalawa junction. Lankatilaka Viharaya is located in very close proximity to Gadaladeniya Viharaya, which is yet another important temple in the area.

Lankatilaka Viharaya

The Architecture in Lankatilaka Viharaya

It is said that this magnificent temple is one of the finest works of art of the Gampola Era. The temple is believed to have been constructed during the reign of King Bhuvanekabahu IV. He ruled in the island between 1341 and 1351 AD. The temple’s incredible architecture was designed by Sathapati Rayar, a renowned South Indian architect. The temple is designed epitomizing Sinhalese architecture which belong to the Polonnaruwa era as well as Dravidian and Indo Chinese architectural influences.

You will find incredible sculptures as well as paintings adorning the walls and ceilings of Lankatilaka Viharaya. Indeed, this is a true masterpiece which deserves highest praise!

Lankatilaka Viharaya

The image house of Lankatilaka Viharaya has five devales. They are dedicated to the gods Upulvan, Ganapathi, Saman, Vibhishana and Kumara Bandara.

As you travel in Sri Lanka with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to visit this magnificent temple with great ease. Try as much as you can to read about the places that you are planning to visit. So you will be able to make your tours a lot more insightful.


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