In the gorgeous paradise island of Sri Lanka you will find a stunning assortment of archeological sites. Which portray the rich beauty and grandeur of this country’s unique culture. You can learn more about the heritage of Sri Lanka as you embark on cultural tours in the country. There are plenty of incredible attractions that you can visit especially in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka.

Lankaramaya and Eth Pokuna

Anuradhapura was the oldest capital in Sri Lanka. The very first king of the country ruled from this magnificent city. Throughout the city’s enchanting territories you will find a myriad of ancient monuments that aptly portray the grandiosity of its glory days.

Lankaramaya and Eth Pokuna

The Beautiful Lankaramaya

Beautiful Lankaramaya is one of the attractions frequently includ in Cultural Triangle tours in Sri Lanka. The magnificent Lankaramaya stupa is believed to have been built by King Valagamba. It is located in Anuradhapura. Nothing much is known as about the stupas ancient form. Once it discovered, the stupa extensively renovated. In the surrounding ruins, pillars have discovered which give rise to speculations. That Lankarama would have at one point in time have surrounded by a vatadage. The old stupa has a diameter of 45 feet.

Lankaramaya and Eth Pokuna

Eth Pokuna is yet another archeological treasure which you can find in close proximity to Lankarama. It is a beautiful man-made pond which has a length of 159 meters, a width of 52.7 meters and a depth of 9.5 meters. The pond can hold up to 75,000 cubic meters of water! Water to the pond supply from the Periyamkulama Tank through underground canals. This elaborate network of canals works to this day! Ruins say that close to 5000 monks in the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery would have used this pond to bathe, back in the day.

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