Lanka Patuna Samuddragiri Viharaya

Lanka Patuna

Long, long ago in the mighty region of Kalinga of India, a king by the name of Guhasiva was ruling. In his possession was an incredible treasure, a sacred relic of a tooth of Buddha. During this period, India was facing immense political turmoil and the king decided to send the sacred relic to the neighbouring island of Sri Lanka. He chose two of the most trustworthy agents for this noble endeavour, which was to be a top secret mission. The chosen agents were none other than Prince Dantha and Princess Hemamala, the very own children of King Guhasiva.

Lanka Patuna

About Lanka Patuna Samuddragiri Viharaya

The royal brother and sister arrived safely in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. They landed at a spot called Lanka Patuna and spent the night there before traveling to the city of Anuradhapura.

These events took place in 320 AD. And today, the sacred relic of the tooth of Buddha is one of the most treasured possessions of Sri Lanka. It is enshrined in Dalada Maligawa in Kandy.

The spot where Princess Hemamali and Prince Dantha landed is a venerated site of worship in the country now. The site is located approximately 50km south of Trincomalee. The dageba is located on a charming little hillock. There is a beautiful golden statue of Buddha to admire here too. Ancient ruins of a pond as well as a flight of stairs can also be seen onsite.

Lanka Patuna

As you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre, you can visit Lanka Patuna with great ease. It is one of the most beautiful temples in the island. As you gaze at the incredible vistas of the oceans and white sandy shores from the hillock, you will surely be mesmerized! Bring your camera when you visit this place and try to schedule your visit in the evening so you will be able to capture the magic of the sunset!

Lanka Patuna


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