The food scene in Colombo is brilliant to say the least. There are some incredible restaurants in the city boasting of rich and vibrant histories, along with a few superb newbies, coming on hard to redefine the culinary landscape of Colombo. You will find an array of restaurants, specializing in Chinese, India, Italian and Japanese cuisines here. So you can always look forward to something special and interesting.

Kuuraku Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Japanese cuisine has been incredibly popular among a handful of locals for quite some time. There are a few great Japanese restaurants located in Colombo which attract a steady stream of customers who are in love with the mild and exotic flavours of this cuisine.

Kuuraku Authentic Japanese Restaurant

About Kuuraku Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Kuuraku Colombo is one of the newest additions to the string of Japanese restaurants in the city. It has been maintaining high standards ever since its inception, slowly finding its way into the hearts of the discerning Japanese food lovers.

Kuuraku Authentic Japanese Restaurant

The service offered here is incredible. The waiters are friendly and welcoming. You will be able to expect your dishes served in a reasonable time, even during busiest hour of the restaurant. You can always ask for recommendations from the waiters if you are not very familiar with the names of the dishes here and they will gladly oblige.

Kuuraku Authentic Japanese Restaurant

The menu of Kuuraku Colombo is quite impressive too. There is a good array of seafood and even meat dishes so you will not be disappointed. The standard sushi, nigiri, tempura, shashimi and yakitori are to be expected here.

Needless to say, the restaurant has a very charming and appealing ambience, tinged with glorious beauty of Japanese décor elements. This helps to enhance the thrill of the dining experience here without a doubt.

The restaurant is located in Park Street so you can easily access it. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to know more about the best restaurants in the city of Colombo that you can visit.


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