Kottu Roti: The Undisputed King of Sri Lanka’s Food Scene


Your food journey in Sri Lanka will truly be incomplete without the experience of relishing a steaming plate of fiery kottu! Indeed, this sensational dish is the quintessential street food in Sri Lanka!

Kottu is a popular dish served in many restaurants across the island. Since a large number of locals prefer this meal, it is quite affordable as well! You will be able to order a generous portion of kottu for as little as Rs. 250.00 at many restaurants in the island. When you are traveling with Green Holiday you will be able to relish this delectable dish with immense ease.

Kottu Roti Sri Lanka

The process of making this exquisite delicacy is quite interesting too. Sharp steel plates are used to chop the ingredients on a large metal plate. Needless to say, the rhythmic clamour that ensues can be deafening! Kottu is generally made fresh as and when the orders come in, so you will get the chance to watch the fascinating act of preparing this meal when you order a portion for yourself too!

Kottu Roti Sri Lanka

Kottu roti combines shredded godhamba roti with a variety of vegetables like carrots and leeks. Some restaurants now serve dolphin kottu, which replaces godhamba roti with parata. Eggs are also added to the mix along with meat. You will find fish, chicken or beef kottu served in the country so you will always have a choice! A generous doze of spices is added to the kottu which is then served on a platter along with lashings of spicy gravy. Cheese can also be added to the dish to make it taste milder and creamier. Every single bite of this remarkable concoction will leave you craving for more, and that is a guarantee!


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