Kite Surfing in Negombo

Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka

The sensational city of Negombo is indeed one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. There are luxury resorts, fancy restaurants as well as many unique stores selling interesting handicrafts to visit while staying in this golden region. The area doesn’t disappoint anyone who accesses it with the hopes of finding bliss and delight, and that is a guarantee!

Those who like to indulge in the surreal pleasure of kite surfing will find supreme joy in the glorious beaches of Negombo! Glide over the crashing and rippling Indian Ocean as the golden light of the sun lends perfect color.  And warmth to the world. You will feel like you have sprouted wings and the sensation will truly be mind blowing!

Kite surfing beach Negombo

There are many water sport centers and hotels. They offer a lot of facilities and equipment to enjoy this sport to one’s heart’s content in Negombo. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you will be able to try out the thrills of kite surfing during your tour in the city. Professional guides and safe equipment will be provided them.  And the many water sport centers in the region so you will get the chance to enjoy the sport safely.

Best period to Kite Surfing

The period between May and August brings favorable conditions for kite surfing for professionals and experts. This season is not suited for beginners as the winds can often be quite rough and strong to handle. But a professional will find the conditions absolutely delightful for sure!

The beach of Negombo is wide enough to help kite surfers enjoy a perfect take off as well as a landing. An unforgettable kite surfing experience can be enjoyed as a downwinder from Nainamadama to Negombo. You can get in touch with your tour operator. You can Find more information and tips.  They will help you to indulge in this sport’s absolute pleasure to your heart’s content. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need to have sensational kite surfing tours arranged during your tour in Negombo.


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