King of the Mambo – Galle Face Hotel

King of the Mambo - Galle Face Hotel

King of the Mambo in GalleFace Hotel is one of the trendiest places to visit in the city of Colombo! The music, ambience as well as the delicacies served here are par excellence. A truly remarkable night will be all yours when you step in to this merry and vibrant haven.

King of the Mambo - Galle Face Hotel

About King of the Mambo

Located strategically at the heart of Colombo. King of the Mambo attracts a steady stream of party goers and entertainment seekers throughout the night. Needless to say all the aspects of King of the Mambo combine seamlessly with one another to create a sensational spot for lounging and relaxing. The music is incredible and goes on till 2:00 a.m. on most nights! The décor elements are spot on too! Bold colors, vintage posters and outdoor seating areas where the winds playfully flirt, effortlessly enhance the rich ambience of the restaurant. There are luxurious sofas here as well. So if you are looking for a spot to enjoy a hearty meal and a juicy conversation with your buddies, you will not be disappointed.

The food that is served here spices up the Cuban atmosphere. The very names of the dishes make you feel like you have been transported to an exotic destination. The portion sizes are quite generous too. The cocktails are incredible of course!

King of the Mambo - Galle Face Hotel

Chef Riccardo Dell’Ascenza is the mastermind behind popular culinary creations which are served up hot at King of the Mambo. He is quite often seen mingling with the guests and offering tips and recommendations on what to order. The staff of King of the Mambo is dressed in style, complete with Cuban hats. They are ever present to offer you their assistance too.

King of the Mambo - Galle Face Hotel

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to obtain more information about King of the Mambo. It is one of the fanciest places in Colombo that surely must be visited when you are prowling in the region at night!


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