Kataragama Temple and The Ramayanaya

Kataragama Temple

The great Hindu epic Ramayanaya is one that is quite interesting for sure. There are plenty of places in Sri Lanka which connected to the legend.

Kataragama Temple

According to the legend, King Ravana of Sri Lanka abducted Sita, the consort of Lord Rama of India and brought her to Sri Lanka. He kept Sita well hidden in many different parts of the country. The armies of Lord Rama, which were lead by the monkey god Hanuman, soon arrived in Sri Lanka. And they started looking for the lost princess. She was eventually found and a brutal battle ensued in which King Ravana lost his life.

Kataragama Temple

When you embark on Ramayanaya tours in Sri Lanka you will be able to come across certain spots which are closely linked to the story. If you travel with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to enjoy exceptional Ramayanaya tours in Sri Lanka. Be sure to read about the places that you are planning to visit and find out how the legend linked to these places . So you will be able to make your tour a lot more fruitful.

Kataragama Temple

About Kataragama Temple

This article gives information about the famous temple of Kataragama which is a prominent site of worship in the country. Ramayanaya have a link to this temple also. So it is quite often included in Ramayanaya tours.

Buddhist and Hindu devotees are frequenting Kataragama temple throughout the year. It is a place that dedicates to Lord Karthikeya Subramaniam. Some says that Lord Indra requested Lord Karthikeya to be present on the battlefield on the last day of the battle against King Ravana. This was to provide protection to Lord Rama. The Brahmastra of King Ravana which was to be fired on the last day would have weakened Lord Rama. So to offer him protection, Lord Karthikeya was present on the battle field. It is said that the brahmastra which was fired at Lord Rama for the second time was also rendered useless because of the presence of Lord Karthikeya.


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