Jaffna Fort is a prominent attraction in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The majestic fort was built by the Portuguese Philip de Oliviera back in the year 1681. Located near Karaiyur, this regal monument speaks volumes about the grandiosity of the colonial past of the country. You will be able to visit it easily as you travel in the region with Green Holiday Centre.Jaffna Fort

The Jaffna Fort is also known as Yapanaya Balakotuwa. There is a church located in close proximity to the fort which has a statue of Virgin Mary. This statue has long being connected to numerous miraculous occurrences. Due to this reason the fort is also called Fortress of Our Lady of Miracles of Jafanapatao.Jaffna Fort

The iconic fort was captured by the Dutch as well as the British when they invaded the island. It was also under the control of the LTTE between 1986 and 1995 when the brutal civil war was waging in the area. Sadly the war caused extensive damage to this incredible monument.

Jaffna Fort

The Governor’s residence, Kruys Church, Queen’s House as well as the Garrison Parade Ground are located inside the fort. The breathtaking vistas of the surrounding region are incredible indeed! Be sure to carry your camera with you when you go to visit this fort as you will find plenty of great photo opportunities waiting for you!Jaffna Fort


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