In on the Green is a legendary establishment in Colombo which has no trouble attracting customers. It is owned and managed by Galle Face Hotel. The food, service, ambience and the music all combine exceptionally well to create a relaxing atmosphere that delights the crowds that gather here at night.

In on the Green

The ambience of In on the Green is quite remarkable for sure. It has been designed to reflect the vibe of a British pub. The wooden décor elements perfectly enhance the personality of the pub and make it quite cozy, elegant and appealing.

In on the Green By Galle Face Hotel

Dine & Wine At In on the Green

Of course the main draw of the pub is the drinks menu. You will not be able to expect low prices here except when special offers are on. But overall the quality of the drinks is quite good. The food served at In on the Green is also very impressive. The portion sizes are large and the tastes are well balanced. You will not have to wait for long for the food to be delivered to your table too!

In on the Green offers sensational discounts and promotions to lure more crowds to its cozy interiors. On Wednesdays Quiz Nights also happen which bring together quite a good crowd. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quiet evening with your friends, try to avoid Wednesdays as well as the weekends!

In on the Green By Galle Face Hotel

If you need to obtain more information about the leading pubs, clubs and bars in the city of Colombo, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. There are plenty of great places that you can visit with your friends to enjoy a good time! Plan a wonderful night out with your friends and discover the many prominent waterholes in the city. You will surely be able to enjoy a night to remember this way!


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