Sri Lanka’s colonial era began in the year 1505, when the Portuguese invaded the land. The Dutch invaders followed the Portuguese and arrived in the island in 1638. Portuguese and Dutch only ruled parts of the island. The Kingdom of Kandy remained in power until the British invaded the country. In the year 1815, the whole country fell under the regime of the British. In 1948, the small island of Sri Lanka, which was called Ceylon back then, regained her independence.

Colombo Fort Clock Tower

During the colourful and tumultuous colonial era, remarkable changes took place in the country. A number of schools were built, railroads were constructed and beautiful buildings were also created. The article below provides details about some of the famous colonial buildings that you will be able to admire when travelling in the country.

Galle Fort

Galle Fort, which is also called Ramparts of Galle and Galle Dutch Fort is an iconic monument that portrays the grandeur of this era. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the year 1588. It was extensively fortified by the Dutch when they took over the city. To this day there are many wonderful communities of Dutch living within the fort, adding beauty and colour to the region.

Galle Fort

Fort Fredrick

Fort Frederick was built by the Portuguese in the famous port city of Trincomalee in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The fort was built using the debris of the world famous Koneswaram Temple, which was destroyed by the Portuguese.

Dutch Hospital

In the heart of Colombo a charming building that served many purposes throughout the past is to be found. The Dutch Hospital was built to be exactly what its name implies. The hospital is today used as a shopping, dining and entertainment venue.

Colombo Dutch Hospital

Wolvendaal Church

Many magnificent churches were built all around the island by the Europeans during their occupation of the island. Among these, the majestic Wolvendaal Church in Colombo is quite prominent. The church, which is constructed in the Doric style, is one of the oldest Protestant churches in the country.

Iconic Colonial Architecture in Sri Lanka

When you are travelling in the island with Green Holiday Centre, you can visit some of these magnificent sites with great ease. There are plenty of marvellous destinations to visit in the country, so your tour will truly be quite colourful!



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