Hummanaya Blowhole in Sri Lanka

Hummanaya Blowhole

Hummanaya blowhole is an incredibly popular attraction in Sri Lanka. It is the only blowhole in the island and it is also considered to be the second largest blowhole in the world! So it certainly is a site that you should not miss when traveling in the country. You can easily have tours arranged to this place when traveling with Green Holiday Centre.

Hummanaya Blowhole

You can easily reach Hummanaya Blowhole from the small village of Kudawella. And you can park your vehicle in the village and proceed on foot. The friendly locals in the village will offer to look after your vehicle for a nominal fee. The walk will take you around 20 minutes. You can easily find refreshment on the way as there are plenty of small shops that sell chilled beverages as well as batter fried fish! Do wear a sunhat with a wide brim as the heat of the day can really wear you out!

Hummanaya Blowhole

Hummanaya is a natural blowhole. It is caused when sea water rushes through a submerged cavern and is pushed upwards. The sea water flows underneath the shore, and then comes out of this hole due to pressure.This water fountain created by the geological feature shoots up every couple of minutes, depending on the nature of the sea.

You will be able to hear the noise that comes from the blowhole from great distances. The blowhole is nestled amidst rocky cliffs. At times the water spray reaches 120 feet! It truly creates a spectacular sight for sure!


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