The spice island of Sri Lanka has some remarkable delicacies that will easily tantalize your taste buds. When you are traveling in this exotic haven, you really have to explore its sensational food scene. The article below provides some tips that will help you to enjoy a wonderful food tour in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Foods

Top dishes that should not be missed

Sri Lankan food is deliciously spicy! You will fall in love with the addictive tastes of this country for sure. Sri Lankan food is also quite wholesome. The traditional rice and curry, which is the staple meal of many locals in the island, combines the goodness of a variety of vegetables as well as meat items.

Sri Lankan Foods

When you are traveling in the coastal regions of the country, be sure to try out the spicy seafood dishes. In the city of Kandy too you will find tastes that are truly quite unique to the region. The Northern Province of the country also offers dishes of exquisite taste. Your food tour in the country will surely be quite varied!

Sri Lankan Foods

Kottu roti is one of the dishes that you really should not miss in Sri Lanka! It is a popular dish that is commonly served in many restaurants across the island. Hoppers and string hoppers are also popular and unique dishes in the country.

Popular street eats

Isso wade (prawn cakes) are favourite street eats in the country. These fiery delicacies are packed with flavour and spice. You should also try out saravita if you want to boldly experiment with the local food!

How to Enjoy a Food Tour in Sri Lanka

Best restaurants in the island

There are many great restaurants located all across the island. It really is not easy compiling a list of the best restaurants as there are so many! You can enjoy a fine dining experience unlike any other at the iconic Ministry of Crab. The leading hotels in the city of Colombo also have several impressive restaurants. Upali’s by Nawaloka is also a very popular restaurant among those who desire to enjoy authentic local dishes.

How to Enjoy a Food Tour in Sri Lanka

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre to find out more information about the best places to dine in Sri Lanka. Hope the information above will help you to enjoy a truly unforgettable food tour!

Ministry of Crab


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