Honey Beach Club at The Kingsbury Hotel


The stylish city of Colombo has no end of entertainment venues for those who are looking for some serious fun! Nightclubs, swanky restaurants, idyllic cafes and bustling casinos are all here for you to discover. The entertainment aspect of the city is constantly evolving to keep up with the changing needs of the crowds. One will always find something new and exciting to discover in this incredible city!

Honey Beach Club at The Kingsbury Hotel

The Honey Beach Club at The Kingsbury Hotel is one such gem that certainly deserves to be discovered! It is trendy, hip and ubercool! Everything from the décor elements, the views and the seating arrangements work well to create a place that is perfect for relaxing evenings.

Honey Beach Club Specialties

Breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean can be admired from Honey Beach Club. So it is a perfect place to be at during the sunset hours! Of course, the Happy Hour is also on at this time so you will get the chance to relish some exquisite cocktails while gazing at the pastel splendor of the western skies! The cocktail menu is quite impressive here and you will be able to try out some really cool concoctions that combine unique ingredients like elder flowers and local arrack! The pizzas which serve here are bursting with rich flavor. The bites menu is quite extensive and interesting too.

The décor elements of Honey Beach Club are quite remarkable. The large, open-bulb ‘HONEY’ sure looks great on Insta photos! The service offered here is par excellence too.  There is also a pool onsite which enhances the pool party vibe of the place. Of course the DJ spins some really cool tunes to keep your toes tapping throughout the night.

Honey Beach Club at The Kingsbury Hotel

Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to obtain more information about the Honey Beach Club.


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