Hakgala Botanical Garden


The gorgeous Hakgala Botanical Garden is one of the five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. It is also the second largest garden in Sri Lanka. Located in Nuwara Eliya- Badulla main road, the site can be quite easily accessed. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to have a visit to this enchanting destination arranged.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Hakgala Botanical Garden were established back in the year 1861. It was created with the intention of cultivating Cinchona as an experiment. After tea was introduced to the island, Garden was used for the cultivation of tea. In the year 1884, it was transformed into a flourishing garden.

Hakgala Botanical Gardens

Over 10,000 species of plants can be found here in Hakgala Botanical Garden. During the spring season in Nuwara Eliya, countless numbers of visitors come to this place of surreal beauty. A kaleidoscope of rich colours greets all those who enter the territories of the gardens during this season and plenty of great photo opportunities are also presented here. The roses and orchids here easily delight all those who visit the gardens. The number of annual visitors that this Garden receive average around 500,000.

Hindus believe that Sita, the consort of Lord Rama, was held captive in this area after she was abducted by King Ravana of Sri Lanka. The Garden that was offered to her, which was called Ashok Vatika, is believed to have been located in close proximity to Hakgala Botanical Garden. Consequently the area was named Sita Eliya and a beautiful temple called Sita Amman Temple was built in the area to honour the princess.


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