Girihandu Seya in Trincomalee

Girihandu Seya

Sri Lanka is a country which has a remarkable array of ancient temples and shrines of incredible historic value. A tour in the island will give you the chance to visit some of these remarkable sites. And also learn more about the culture and heritage of the land. The article below provides information about Girihandu Seya, which is one of the most venerated sites of worship in the country.

Girihandu Seya

About Girihandu Seya

Girihandu Seya is located in Trincomalee. This is the very first Buddhist stupa to be built in Sri Lanka. Two seafaring merchants by the names of Trapusa and Bahalika, (who are commonly known in the island as Tapassu and Bhalluka), built this temple, enshrining the hair relics of Lord Buddha. History said that the two merchants brought the casket which had the hair relics of Lord Buddha and placed it on the summit of a small rock. The merchants then went to have their meals. After they returned to the spot where the casket lay, they found that they couldn’t move the casket. So with great reverence, they heaped stones upon the casket and went on their way.

Girihandu Seya

Historic records state that there was a temple called Girihandu on this location in later years.  Interestingly the Burmese Buddhists believe that these two merchants enshrined the hair relics of Lord Buddha in the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Girihandu Seya

You can visit this incredible site with great ease as you are traveling in the island with Green Holiday Centre. There are plenty of great places that you can visit with your loved ones. If you are interested in learning more about the culture and history of the land. Be sure to read about the places that you are planning to visit. So you will be able to make your tours a lot more interesting.


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