Ginza Hohsen Restaurant By Galadari Hotel

Ginza Hohsen Restaurant

Food lovers who visit the city of Colombo will rarely be disappointed as there are plenty of great options to be tried out. There are restaurants offering delicacies of a large number of cuisines. So a truly exquisite dining experience will always guarantee here.

Ginza Hohsen Restaurant

Sri Lankans are generally quite bold and adventurous when experimenting with new dishes. However, there aren’t many locals who favor Japanese cuisine. Those who do, love the cuisine ardently! So it is probably safe to assume that Japanese fare is an acquired taste for Sri Lankans.

Ginza Hohsen Restaurant

As Japanese cuisine is not very popular in the country, it is hard to find great Japanese restaurants too. But the ones that you do find, boast of incredible food and service. This is because the people who do visit the Japanese restaurants, visit with the intention of paying a premium to indulge in high quality food. Japanese food is not for everyone after all, so the top establishments that serve this cuisine, attract an elite crowd who expect high standards.

About Ginza Hohsen

Among the top Japanese restaurants in Colombo, Ginza Hohsen is certainly to be highlighted. It is located in the famous Galadari Hotel, at the heart of the city. The restaurant has been in operation for 30 years! This incredible success can be attributed to the exceptional standards that the restaurant has managed to maintain consistently throughout the decades.

Ginza Hohsen Restaurant

The food that serve here is perfect! There is a large variety to choose from so if you are not familiar with the names of the dishes, you can always get help from the obliging staff to make your selections. There are plenty of great beverages that you can pair with your meal as well. The quality of the food and beverages served here is incredible too.

The service and ambience of Ginza Hohsen is par excellence too. The staff is always willing to offer their help to you with a warm and friendly smile.

If you want to make a reservation at this restaurant, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. Try to enjoy a food tour in the city with your loved ones and experiment with different cuisines so you can treat your taste buds to an enchanting adventure!


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