The gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka has been in existence for over 2000 years. The industry has sustained the economy in remarkable ways for sure. The government of Sri Lanka has also been continuously funding the industry. Today a large number of small, medium and large scale organizations are active in this field.

Gem and Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka

The mining of the gems is done using time tested traditional methods. This is indeed a highly labour intensive field. It provides jobs for a large number of people living in areas like Ratnapura.

Gem and Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka

The gem and jewellery industry in the country uses a semi-automated process at large. The island is proud to offer gem stones as well as intricate jewellery designs to the watch manufacturing industry as well. State of the art machines and tools are used to achieve the level of perfection that the global market requires. The funding of the government proves to be invaluable in this regard.

The city of Ratnapura is known to be the heart of the gem and jewellery industry in the island. When you visit it you will get the chance to learn more about this incredibly interesting field. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre of you desire to have informative and insightful tours arranged in the region. There are plenty of great stores as well as gem museums in the country that you can visit to admire the rich colour and beauty of the incredible gems of Sri Lanka.


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