Gadaladeniya Viharaya

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

If you interested in ancient architecture, your heart will surely find delight in the gorgeous little island of Sri Lanka! There are breathtaking appeals here, which beautifully showcase the rich color and glory of the country’s heritage.

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

This article gives information about a top attraction that you will find in Kandy. The enchanting Gadaladeniya Viharaya is truly a wonder that deserves a visit! You will be able to reach it with great ease as you travel in the Hill Country with Green Holiday Centre. The temple is located just 3 km away from the famous Lankathilake Viharaya.

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

Gadaladeniya Viharaya was known back in the day as Saddharmatilaka Viharaya and Dharma Kirthi Viharaya. The name changed later to Gadaladeniya. As it is the name of the village that the temple is located in.

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

History of the Gadaladeniya Viharaya

People believed that this temple has a history which dates back to the 14th century. The temple was built by King Bhuvanekabahu IV, who reigned between 1341 and 1351. The beautiful architecture of the temple is truly what sets it apart. A renowned South Indian architect named Ganesvarachari designed Gadaladeniya Viharaya. Dravidian architectural style used in this majestic temple. And also He has used Polonnaruwa era’s Sinhalese architecture as well as Indo Chinese architectural patterns.

The pupils of Weliwita Sri Saranankara Thero maintains this beautiful temple. Ever since King Vira Parakrama Narendrasinha handed over the temple to venerable thero.

There is one large statue of seated Buddha in the main shrine room. You can see an elaborate Makara Thorana above this statue of Buddha. There are also four standing statues of Buddha in the main shrine room. The walls of temple adorned beautifully with carvings of elephants and dancers, keeping up well with the South Indian theme. All in all it can consider that this beautiful temple is a masterpiece of the highest order!


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