Embekka Devalaya in Kandy

Embekka Devalaya in Kandy

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The small island indeed possesses some remarkable appeals that enthrall tourists who visit it from all corners of the world.

Embekka Devalaya in Kandy

The ancient architectural marvels that are to be found in many parts of the country surely delight all. There are majestic temples, a rock fortress and beautiful castles to discover in this enchanting land.

When you are traveling in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka you will come across a collection of remarkable temples which portray the rich grandeur of the olden days of the country. The beautiful Embekka Devalaya is one of the most popular temples that you will find in the area.

Embekka Devalaya in Kandy

Embekka Devalaya is located in Udunuwara, Kandy. You will be able to reach the temple with great ease as you are traveling from the Pilimatalawa junction. Gadaladeniya Vihara and Lankatilaka Vihara are also located in close proximity to Embekka Devalaya. Both are prominent temples in the city. So you can easily plan a small temple tour in the city!

Embekka Devalaya in Kandy

History of the Embekka Devalaya

Embekka Devalaya possesses some of the finest examples of ancient Sri Lankan wood carvings. The temple was built by King Vikramabahu III of the Gampola Era (1357-1374 AD). This majestic temple dedicates to Kataragama deviyo. The main shrine here divided into three sections. They are the Sanctum of Garagha, the Dancing Hall and the Drummers’ Hall. The Drummers’ Hall or the Hevisi Mandapaya easily steals the limelight here with its incredible collection of wood carvings. The pillars of the Drummers’ Hall decorated beautifully with intricate wood carvings which make the temple a true work of art! The roof of the temple is also quite interesting. Because the rafters kept well in place by an apparatus called Madol Kurupawa. This feature is unique to this temple.

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