Sri Lanka is a magnificent little island surround by the glorious waters of the Indian Ocean. There are plenty of remarkable attractions and appeals that one can explore when travelling in the country. Sri Lanka is truly a treasure trove for adventure sports enthusiasts too. The many exciting activities and indulgences the land promises will surely help you to create sensational memories.

The Avondster, the VOC Hercules, the Silver Junk and the Bottle Wreck are some of the most popular dive sites in this region. In the magnificent southern coast of Sri Lanka has approximately 25 shipwrecks to explore.

Green Holiday Centre. It is quite important to plan these tours well. So you will get the chance to indulge in an epic experience of a lifetime. The incredible beauty of the marine life as well as the dazzling splendour of the coral reefs will surely leave you enthralled as you explore the mystic depths of the oceans.

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