Delft Island is an enchanting destination that you should visit when traveling in the northern region of Sri Lanka. There is something incredibly appealing about this place. Its unique houses, barren fields, lonely attractions and interesting wildlife make this island one of the most magical places in Sri Lanka.

Delft Island was known by several names in the past. The Portuguese named this island ‘Illha das Vaka’ while the Dutch gave the island the name of ‘Delft’, after the charming little town located in Netherlands. The locals call this island ‘Pasuthivu’ and ‘Nedunthivu’ which roughly translates to ‘the island of the cows’.

Delft Island- Jaffna

You will be able to reach this island from the Jaffna Peninsula on a boat. Once you disembark, the only way to travel around the island would be by the bus. You can opt to have a tractor arranged as well if you want to explore the region to your heart’s content, at your own pace. If you want more information about how to get transport arranged in the island you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

The incredible beauty of Delft Island will certainly take your very breath away! The simple charm of the village is truly quite remarkable. There are rows of neat houses with boundaries marked with coral stones or palmyrah leaves.

Delft Island- Jaffna

Key attractions in Delft Island- Jaffna

Among the key attractions in the Island, the Portuguese Fort, which now lies in ruins, is quite prominent. The majestic Boabab Tree here is also a sight to behold! It is believed that this tree was brought to the island by the Arab traders long long ago. The Banyan Tree of Delft Island is yet another interesting landmark that should not be missed. There is also an intriguing rock here with a clearly defined footprint of gigantic proportion. The Old Stables, Pigeon Nest as well as Quindah Tower should also be included in your travel itinerary in island.

The majestic wild horses of Delft Island effortlessly steal the limelight! They are graceful and gallant as they roam free in the burning wilderness. Wild horses are believed to have been brought to the island by the Portuguese. To this day, the off spring of those very first horses thrive in the barren fields of Delft Island, enchanting all who visit it.


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