Curry Leaf Restaurant By Hilton Colombo

curry leaf restaurant colombo

Curry Leaf is the Sri Lankan restaurant of the iconic five star Hotel Hilton Colombo. So needless to say, you really can expect perfection in every aspect of this restaurant! Everything from the ambience, the spread as well as the service is top notch. Of course you should come prepared to pay a lot when you dine here, but rest assured you will get your money’s worth.

curry leaf restaurant colombo This beautiful restaurant is one of the best places in the city to experiment with the rich tastes of the land. If you are trying out local cuisine for the very first time, Curry Leaf is the place to visit. You will not go wrong with your selections as everything is prepared to perfection. Indeed, this stylish restaurant gloriously celebrates the kaleidoscope of flavors that Sri Lanka is famous for.

Curry Leaf Restaurant By Hilton Colombo

Varieties of Food in Curry Leaf

If you are a seafood lover, Curry Leaf will surely enthral you. There is an extensive selection here and you will get the chance to pick your own fish as well. You can then proceed to give directions to the chefs as to how you want your fish prepared. Once your dish is ready, they will bring it right to your table.

curry leaf restaurant colombo

The colourful ambience which is tinged in the charm of the paradise island makes the dining experience here quite remarkable for sure. There are unique décor elements here which create perfect photo opportunities too! The relaxed ambience coupled with the live ‘calypso’ band certainly adds charm to your culinary adventure at Curry Leaf.

curry leaf restaurant colomboKeep in mind that this restaurant is a popular one among both locals and tourists. You should try to make a reservation in advance if you don’t want to be hassled.

Curry Leaf Restaurant By Hilton Colombo

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre, if you desire to indulge in a dining experience here and want to make a reservation.


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