There are plenty of great restaurants and bars in the city of Colombo which offer delectable treats and great entertainment to the city crowd. The coastal strip of Colombo especially boasts of an incredible assortment of eateries. Among these, the charming Chillax Garden Pub is indeed quite prominent.

Chillax Garden Pub

Located in Marine Drive, this idyllic spot has been attracting a steady crowd since its inception. The food is priced quite reasonably which probably serves as its main draw. The quality as well as the taste of the food is great. So those who are looking for value for money will certainly find this place appealing. The beverage menu is quite impressive too. There are lots of great cocktails that you can try out while taking in the sights and sounds of this bustling part of the city. The beer especially is quite cheap.

Chillax Garden Pub

Drinks on the Beach at Chillax Garden Pub

The ambience of Chillax Garden Pub is quite charming too. There are high stools placed right on the stand, circling little tables set under cabana style hay huts. This unique setting is quite uncommon at the beach pubs in the city. You will not be able to see the ocean from the huts, which is unfortunate, especially since the pub is located very close to the sea.

The service offered at Chillax Garden Pub is pleasing too. The waiters are super friendly and helpful. You will be guaranteed a great time as you wine and dine here. If you need help with choosing the dishes, you can always get tips from the waiters.

Chillax Garden Pub

If you need to obtain more information about the Chillax Garden Pub, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. You really should travel around the magnificent city of Colombo and discover its unique charms to enjoy a sensational travel experience in Sri Lanka!


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