Negombo’s Sensational Food Culture

The stylish city of Negombo which is located just 15 minutes away from Bandaranaike International Airport. Its one of the most popular tourist destinations in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Dazzling golden beaches, magnificent luxury resorts and a stunning array of colonial era attractions enhance this city’s wonderful appeal by great degrees. One thing… Continue reading Negombo’s Sensational Food Culture

Sacred Sites in Negombo

The beautiful city of Negombo is one that nurtures a vibrant culture. The city’s multi cultural population indeed lends beautiful color and vibrancy to the region. There are many stunning places of worship belonging to people of various faiths to be seen and admired in Negombo. The article below provides details about a few prominent… Continue reading Sacred Sites in Negombo

The Colorful Fishing Culture of Negombo

The enchanting city of Negombo is indeed a tourist magnet in Sri Lanka. Located in very close proximity to Bandaranaike International Airport, this iconic city is one that is quite easy to reach if one needs to enjoy a delightful beach vacation while being stationed closer to Colombo, the commercial capital of the country. The… Continue reading The Colorful Fishing Culture of Negombo

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