Café Francais by Pourcel


The food scene in the city of Colombo is immensely interesting for sure! There are remarkable options for seafood lovers, meat lovers, vegetarians as well as for those who are looking for exciting and novel dining experiences. Every now and then a brand new restaurant opens up in the city, giving its hardcore food fans something to talk about and fall in love with.

Café Francais

Those who love French cuisine will certainly be delighted with the iconic Café Francais by Pourcel. It is known to be one of the best if not the only French restaurant in the city which serves authentic French delicacies of supreme taste and quality. You will not have to worry about the standards that are maintained here, that is a guarantee!

Café Francais

Dine and Wine in Café Francais

The place is great for those who are looking for an intimate dining experience too. On weekdays Café Francais is generally very quiet so you can indulge in a romantic meal with your partner without a problem.

Café Francais

The ambience of the place is also perfect for cozy dining experiences. It’s laid back vibe is enhanced by the rich décor elements. The dimmed lights further enhance the gorgeous appeal of this stylish restaurant.

Café Francais has an impressive wine cellar too. You will be able to relish exquisite tastes of popular wines as you savor the delightful delicacies which are offered here.

Café Francais

Be prepared to pay a premium when dining at Café Francais! But rest assured, the quality and the service offered here will compensate well for the high prices which are charged!

Café Francais

Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need to obtain more information about the restaurant. Be sure to experiment with the rich variety of dishes that are offered in the many leading restaurants in the city of Colombo. You will surely be able to enjoy a remarkable food tour this way!


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