British Empire’s Heritage in Sri Lanka


The little island of Sri Lanka fell into the hands of the British Empire back in the year 1815. The country gained independence from British invaders in 1948. From 1505 to 1948, Sri Lanka was ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British respectively. Sri Lanka was called Ceylon back then.

British Heritage in Sri Lanka

The British invaders truly changed the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka during their rule. Extensive railway systems were established by the British during their time. Some of these railroads are still being used by the islanders. A number of road development schemes were initiated by the British which paved the way for rapid development.

British Heritage in Sri Lanka

Many tea and coffee plantations were also created by the British. From humble beginnings the tea industry grew up to a mammoth industry. And today, Sri Lanka is the fourth largest exporter of tea in the world. A number of schools, hospitals and maternity homes were also created in the country during this era to enhance the quality of life of the locals.

British Heritage in Sri Lanka

As you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to visit some of the remarkable attractions that bear the symbol of the British Empire. These delightful tours will give you the chance to catch a glimpse of this incredible country’s rich heritage and culture for sure.

Old Galle Fort


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