Brass – Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka

Brass - Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka

When you enter traditional Sri Lankan homes, you will quite likely come across a few beautiful brass products. Traditional oil lamps, little elephant figurines as well as ornate vases are some of the most commonly found brass accessories that are used to adorn the houses of the locals. Sri Lankan’s take great pride in possessing the beautiful brass ornaments for sure. The gorgeous accessories which possess a brilliant sheen add a touch of regality to the houses of the locals for sure.

Brass - Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka

The brass industry in the island was a prominent once since the time of the ancient Sri Lankan kings. Throughout the centuries the industry grew in the country, adapting with the changing times.

Brass - Cottage Industries in Sri Lanka

The locals as well as the tourists in the country love these beautiful ornaments immensely. Indeed they make perfect souvenirs! In many parts of the island you will find shops that sell intricately designed brass products. Especially in Colombo, Kandy and Galle you will find a number of these uniquely Sri Lankan stores.

If you wish to learn more about the brass industry in the island and buy some beautiful pieces as souvenirs, you will be able to do so with great ease with the help of Green Holiday Centre. The charming accessories will radiantly enhance the beauty of your abodes for sure!


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